Be a GEEK!


GEEK Certification & Test

You can become a certified geek. Really! But only if you take INFINITY’s Individual Matriculation Assessment (I’M A) General Evaluation of Esoteric Knowledge (GEEK) test during or after your visit.

Ask at the Reception Desk for a copy of the test, a pencil and a clipboard. Clues to answers can be found among eight GEEK Stops hidden at various locations on the science center floor, its Earth or Space galleries, the Immersive Theater, the lobby or café.  But beware: this is a serious test. Seriously. You will be asked to correlate facts presented at INFINITY with principles either learned or to be learned in school. You may consult museum guides, search online, or ask a teacher or family member who is not also taking this test.

If you do not complete or pass this test, you are welcome to take it again when you are ready. Each question is worth 17 points; a 90% or better score is required to earn Geek Certification status, complete with certificate. Suitable for framing. Seriously!