Omega Flight Simulator

Weighing in at around 9,000 pounds, one of INFINITY’s most popular attractions is always ready to take off! The “ISC OMEGA Flight Simulator” is a 6.5 foot high, 9.5 foot wide and 25 foot long group adventure just waiting for you. Holding up to 15 passengers and offering a high definition, big screen experience, this high tech thrill ride is supported by 6 degrees of motion, the same technology used for training professional pilots.

The ISC OMEGA can take guests on six different ride options covering fascinating themed topics ranging from space flight to Halloween and Christmas. Each session lasts about five minutes. Tickets are $5 per person with paid admission. Advance group bookings are 20% off for 20 or more.

After experiencing the Shuttle ride option, Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise compared it to his own Saturn V-driven explorations in space. The Saturn V, using the most powerful single-chamber liquid-fueled rocket engines ever built, took astronauts to the moon. The Omega Flight Simulator’s only limits are your imagination.