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Science Express

For more than 50 years, NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center has continued a tradition of space exploration and science activity. As Stennis' official visitor center, INFINITY offers its guests topical and rotating exhibits in the Science Express Gallery. Here, guests can learn about the cutting-edge work done by NASA and resident agencies, sign up for a bus tour, look out over the new swamp gardens, or walk through the gallery's ever-changing exhibits.

The immersive, digital theater in the gallery permits visitors of all ages and physical abilities to "travel" through time to explore Earth's past and experience today's natural stresses and challenges.

Global Observations Theater

Currently under construction. Please check back for updates!

Earth Gallery

The first floor Earth Gallery, INFINITY's largest in square feet, features "Our Little Earth," "Swamps to Space." Swamps to Space tells of NASA/Stennis Space Center's humble beginnings, the sacrifices and contributions of the Hancock County residents to make the center a reality, and Stennis' critical role in the Apollo Program.

Space Gallery

Situated on the second floor, these exhibits are all about scale.  Guests can practice landing the Space Shuttle while sitting in a full-scale Shuttle flight deck or walk through a life-size mockup of the International Space Station's Destiny module. You can watch the latest videos about the Orion space capsule while sitting inside it or try your design and flying skills as you build small scale flight crafts at our Paper Airplane exhibit. The gallery, peppered with artifacts from the Smithsonian and from INFINITY's own collections, feature astronaut space suits, Space Shuttle rocket engine components and tires, and a moon rock from Apollo 15.