Tram Tours

The Possum Walk Trail is currently CLOSED until February 15, 2018. Tram Tours will resume upon the trail's reopening.

Possum Walk Trail is the starting point of the 100-mile Heritage Trail that runs from INFINITY Science Center to Moss Point, Mississippi. The trail’s first three miles opened in August 2013. Called Possum Walk Trail, it starts at INFINITY and ends at the Logtown Cemetery near the Pearl River. Markers along the way present the history of Possum Walk, a now deserted African-American community, as well as Logtown, an old logging community relocated in the wake of the 1960s Space Program. Interpretive signs along the trail point out some of the plants and animals native to this part of Hancock County.  

During the tram tour, guests travel approximately 6 miles round trip to see the sights on the Possum Walk trail and hear the history of the area.  Guests learn about many plants and animals native to our gulf coast region, as well as some invasive species in the region, too. 

Tram Tours last approximately 45 minutes. The tram is open air so there is no air-conditioning. 

Join Friends of Possum Walk

This group of like-minded individuals collectively advocate for the preservation of the Walk’s history and work to preserve its natural beauty. For more information about group meeting schedules and activities, contact