Science Exploration Classes

Intro to Engineering Exploration Lab for groups K-6. (45 minute class)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday June 5-July 26, 2018.


11:30 -12:15

This class includes a presentation on engineering and the engineering design process followed by 25 minutes of hands on exploration of engineering concepts and how they apply in the real world. Led by our highly qualified education staff. This is for groups of 20+ with matching chaperones. Groups of 50 or more must have at least 10 chaperones.





Get the most out of your field trip experience with a Science Exploration Class designed just for students. Classes are available by grade level and provide a hands on, interactive experience for students to put science to the test. Science Exploration Classes vary from 45 minutes to one hour and cost an additional $3/person (includes students, teachers and adult chaperones). The 2018-2019 school year line up of classes is listed below. 

Gulf Coast Vertebrates

Grades K-3

What characteristics must animals have to be considered a vertebrate? What habitats do they live in and which animals that live in the Gulf Coast region are classified as vertebrates? Groups will participate in a 15 minute presentation by our highly qualified education staff followed by a 20 minute station-to-station time with hands on activities for students and parents to experience and strengthen their understanding of vertebrates. Following the hands on activities, students and parents will return to the presentation space for a 5 minute review and recap of the class goals.  This class can accommodate up to 60 participants.   


Gulf Coast Vertebrates is available at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. 

 Class Minimum: 20 students

Think, Plan, Build: Engineering 101

Grades 4-6

The Engineering Exploration Lab is where students grades 3-5 can explore aspects of engineering through hands-on activities designed to engage participants in the Engineering Design Process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve. Our Exploration Lab theme is "Think, Plan, Build: Engineering 101" which consists of 30 minutes for students to actively experience engineering first hand and 15 minutes of instruction from one of our highly-qualified educational staff. During this class, students will solve a structural engineering problem while experiencing real world challenges to complete their project. Students will work in teams, learn that engineering is all around them and that they are closer to being an engineer than they think! 

Engineering 101 is available at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. Class must have at least 20 participants (50 maximum participants).

Underwater Robotics

Grades 6-12

Design, build and test a small-scale ROV of your own design! This Lab will consist of 30 minutes for students to actively experience robotics first hand combined with 15 minutes of instruction from one of our highly-qualified educational staff. Students work in teams to gain a better understanding of robotics and how the US Navy and other organizations use ROVs to explore places humans cannot go. This class is limited to 50 participants. Due to the nature of this class, 1 actively participating chaperone per 10 students is required.

ROV is available at 9:45, 10:45 and 11:45 a.m. 


Grades 6-12

How many organism live in just a tiny drop of water? The diversity of life becomes self-evident in the microscopic worlds and has fascinated people since the first glances through the microscopes of Antoine van Leeuwenhoek. Discover a cellular world and explore questions of what is living and non-living and how microbes move, sense their surroundings and interact with the world around them. This class is limited to 30 participants. 

Microbiology is available at 9:45, 10:45 and 11:45 a.m. 

Heart Dissection and Circulatory System

Grades 6-12

Labs on Demand

Grades 9-12