Photography Policy

Pictures of you

While you’re here, we may photograph or video your experience for training, marketing materials, our website or use with the media. By visiting INFINITY and/or participating in our programs here, you grant permission for us to do that and waive any payment or royalty rights connected to that use.  

Pictures of us

You can take pictures anywhere of anything indoors or outside at the science center for personal, non-commercial use. In fact, we encourage it!  We do, however, ask you to use discretion when taking pictures. We’d prefer that you don’t disrupt presentations or block others from getting around. While we’re a hands-on science center, please refrain from climbing on the artifacts and exhibits without permission. We also ask that you keep your feet, and your camera, on the ground – the use of drone photography is a no-no. 

Pictures for others

Photography for commercial purposes is permitted, but only with advance permission and a permit fee. If you want to take pictures or video for commercial use, contact us.

Media Requests

News and social media sources can photograph, video, or film at INFINITY as part of their news or editorial coverage. Please contact us in advance or as soon as you arrive. Proper credentials are required. For media requests, please visit our online pressroom, call (228) 533-9025 or contact