Teacher Workshops


INFINITY offers a wide range of professional workshops for teachers on STEM related topics.  The workshops emphasize a hands-on approach to STEM that can be integrated into any curriculum.  Please see below for more information about upcoming workshops. 

  • Workshops will carry .6 CEUs through Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium (GCEIC). CEUs are an additional $20. All paperwork and payment will be collected on day of workshop.

  • Workshops align with NEW Mississippi and Louisiana State Science Standards as well as Next Generation Science Standards.

  • By attending these events you consent to INFINITY Science Center's photography policy

2018-2019 EduPro Workshops

Professional Development Opportunities for K-12 teachers

April 12, 2019-The Price is Right! - Dollar Store Science

Science exploration does not have to be expensive.  A simple trip to the dollar store can outfit a basic lab.  We will demonstrate engineering, chemistry, physics and life science interactive hands-on learning using inexpensive everyday items. Click here to register.

Summer 2019 Astro Camp CEU Option

This professional development opportunity will allow you to learn and experience NASA's Astro Camp program. You will work side by side with NASA educators and learn how to engage your classroom students in aerospace activities. You will be a part of well tested, organized program. 

Astro Camp strives to:

  • Inspire future generations to learn about space explorations and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics developing pathways to STEM careers;
  • Present nationally aligned math and science principles through fun, hands-on activities through ASTRO CAMP® methodology;
  • Integrate NASA’s unique resources.
  • Spark student’s interest in learning the basics of engineering, rocketry, robotics, and supporting the NGSS alignments while having fun.

Astro Camp® sessions are aligned with NASA current priorities:  Aeronautics, Technology, Solar Systems & Beyond, Earth Right Now, International Space Station and Journey to Mars.  The camp culminates with a tour of Stennis Space Center, including rocket engine test stands, launching of Estes Rockets and Astro Camp’s family closing program.  The 8th - 10th grade –SSC ASTRO CAMP® STARS includes advanced robotics and 3D printing experiences. An additional week is scheduled for the SSC ASTRO CAMP® STARS featuring SSC U.S. Navy Research Laboratory’s SeaPerch ROV and NASA sharing activities from space to ocean robotics.

NASA’s vision is to inspire the next generation of scientists, researchers, and engineers to pursue careers in STEM fields. By tapping into the curious minds of our youngsters, NASA is planting the seeds necessary to attract and retain students in STEM education. Astro Camp® is an important “stepping stone” in developing our future workforce!

By participating for 1 week ( 40  hours) you will earn 4 CEUs.  There is a registration fee of $40 and a $35 CEU fee which you will pay to PRCC on your first day. Sessions run from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

June 3-7 Astro Camp CEU Option: Click here to register.

June 10-14 Astro Camp CEU Option: Click here to register.

June 17-21 Astro Camp CEU option: Click here to register.

June 24-28 Astro Camp CEU option: Click here to register.

July 8-12 - Astro Camp CEU option: Click here to register.

July 15-19 Astro Camp CEU Option: Click here to register.