Teacher Workshops


INFINITY offers a wide range of professional workshops for teachers on STEM related topics.  The workshops emphasize a hands-on approach to STEM that can be integrated into any curriculum.  Please see below for more information about upcoming workshops. 

  • Workshops will carry .6 CEUs through Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium (GCEIC). CEUs are an additional $20. All paperwork and payment will be collected on day of workshop.

  • Workshops align with NEW Mississippi and Louisiana State Science Standards as well as Next Generation Science Standards.

  • By attending these events you consent to INFINITY Science Center's photography policy

2018-2019 EduPro Workshops

Professional Development Opportunities for K-12 teachers

October 12, 2018-Up Up and Away—Let’s Teach Atmosphere

Using the GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program as a guide, learn how to bring atmospheric data collected by your students into the classroom.  This workshop covers temperature, barometric pressure rainfall and cloud identification using standardized protocols set forth by the GLOBE Program.  Classroom activities to enhance the protocols are included. Click here to register. 

November 9, 2018-Bit, Byte, Binary:  Introduction to Teaching Coding

This training is perfect for the not so tech savvy teachers looking for a way to understand and teach coding in the classroom. We will cover the history of coding, ways to teach simple coding in the classroom and how to have your students build on their coding knowledge. Click here to register.

January 11, 2019-Science Every Day

Need to incorporate basic science principles into your curriculum but don’t know how?  Feel science is “over your head”?  Science Every Day is a workshop focused on quick demos and activities for any teacher at any grade level.  Join us as we explore how to make science come alive every day using chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.  Each participant will leave with a bin of supplies used in this workshop. Click here to register.

February 8, 2019-Newton and More…

The workshop will focus on the Physical Science Component of NGSS and MS-CCR.  All grades have a physics component that deals with Motion and Forces (Newton), Energy and Waves.  It also contains a Chemistry component that deals with properties of Matter and reactions. We will introduce hands-on, cost effective demonstrations and exploratory labs that will include an engineering design focus.  The academics for each demonstration or lab can be adjusted for different grade levels. Click here to register. 

March 8, 2019-What is that squiggly thing?!...Biology/Microbiology

Get away from worksheets, and experience life science.  Dust off those microscopes…..they open a new world of exploration for your students.  Learn the basics of Microscopy and Dissection.  We will walk you through the basics of taxonomy, microbiology and body systems as we explore pond water biology and basic anatomy - AND a very cool DNA lab! Click here to register.

April 12, 2019-The Price is Right! - Dollar Store Science

Science exploration does not have to be expensive.  A simple trip to the dollar store can outfit a basic lab.  We will demonstrate engineering, chemistry, physics and life science interactive hands-on learning using inexpensive everyday items. Click here to register.

 June 11, 2019—Watershed Wonders

A watershed is the part of our ecosystem that provides water for healthy biomes, plants, animals and even humans. Come and learn engaging classroom techniques to have your students excited about the “wonders” that can be found in their watershed and how we can take care of this precious resource. Click here to register.

Pre-K Professional Development 2018-2019

January 19, 2019-Ramp Engineering

This workshop will have you exploring the way things roll and slide down ramps and hills, both indoors and outdoors. You will discover the different ramps around us—roofs, parking garages, hills, wheelchair access ramps, seesaws, and slides. You will leave with wonderful activities that will engage your preschool learner. Click here to register.

April 27, 2019-Color and Light

Celebrate curiosity and the joys of discovery! This workshop will have you inviting your preschoolers to actively investigate their world by discovering color and light. You will engage in the very activities that you will introduce to your preschoolers as well as learn the science behind them. Click here to register.