Scout Programs

INFINITY offers educational programs for Scouts that include exciting hands-on activities that align with badge requirements. INFINITY encourages and teaches through hands-on investigative learning which makes learning fun and exciting. Please contact us to schedule a Scout Badge workshop (2-5 hours depending on the badge). 


Engineering – Scouts will participate in exciting engineering tasks for hands-on learning. 

Robotics – Scouts will learn basic robotics and programming in order to gain a better understanding of robotics and their real-world use. 

Rocketry – Scouts will enjoy learning about Newton’s 3 laws of motion, building a rocket, and launching their rocket. 

Environmental Science – Scouts will learn about environmental science, citizen science, and environmental stewardship in ways that are fun and engaging. 


INFINITY is pleased to announce the INFINITY Museum Badge. Download the requirements for the badge for each Scout rank. Scouts can earn the points for the INFINITY museum badge during a trip to INFINITY and all activities required for the badge are included with general admission.