Biome Boardwalk

Take a closer look... some of the hidden natural treasures in South Mississippi's swamps and lowland forests.

A biome is a community of plants and animals that occupy a specific region defined by climate and dominant vegetation. INFINITY's Biome Boardwalk will take you through three distinct biomes as you follow its path. In order to keep the biomes as natural as possible, we have not relocated the wildlife and occasional prescribed burning does occur. 

Meander your way along our 1,400 feet of Biome Boardwalk to explore four diverse habitats found in this region - Bayhead Swamps, Lowland Pines, Pitcher Plant bogs and an Upland Savannah. Interpretive signage educates visitors on the flora and fauna found in and around the boardwalk, including otters, Great Blue Herons, a variety of snakes, carnivorous plants, and even alligators! Two observation decks and several viewing binoculars situated throughout offer ideal wildlife viewing opportunities, or simply a place to relax and take in nature.