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Your first stop inside INFINITY Science Center! Step lightly through the Carnivorous Plants Conservatory to learn about the more than 200 species of carnivorous plants that give dining a whole new shape. (Enter at your own risk – if you’re an insect!) Engineers 12 & under can create and build their own inventions in our Engineering Workshop. Don’t forget to sign up for a bus tour to Stennis Space Tour before moving on from the Natrium, our nature atrium!

Earth Gallery

The first floor Earth Gallery, INFINITY's largest in square feet, features the Inundation Station, The Sandbox, Environmental Monitoring Stations, and the Hurricane Prediction Lab, where you can learn about key conditions that influence hurricanes, their importance in forecasting, and how data is collected and used in severe weather prediction. Embark on a deep ocean excursion as you travel down through the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, observing a variety of sea life along the way in the Deep Ocean Explorer. Go back in time with Swamps to Space as it tells of NASA/Stennis Space Center's humble beginnings, the sacrifices and contributions of the Hancock County residents to make the center a reality, and Stennis' critical role in the Apollo Program.

Space Gallery

Situated on the second floor, these exhibits are all about scale. Guests can view a small-scale model of an Apollo command module next to the full-scale original Apollo 4 command module, which flew in the first “all-up” test of the Saturn V rocket! The gallery, peppered with artifacts from the Smithsonian and from INFINITY's own collections, feature astronaut space suits, Space Shuttle rocket engine components and tires, and a moon rock from Apollo 15. Strike a pose at Sensors, Satellites, & Selfies, or walk through a life-size mockup of the International Space Station's Destiny module. You can watch the latest videos about the Orion space capsule while sitting inside it, or learn about the range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Look down on the colossal Apollo 19 Saturn V first stage from the floor-to-ceiling observation windows at the end of the gallery, or step outside to get a real feel of its incredible size!