Gift Items

Early Learning Science Books:

INFINITY Science Center aspires to educate and engage all ages, even our youngest scientists! One way of doing this is through the pure joy of books and learning new things.  Author Chris Ferrie is a physicist, mathematician, researcher and of course a great children's author!

8 Little Planets: $10.99

Robotics for Baby: $9.99

Rocket Science for Baby: $9.99

ABC's of Space: $9.99

ABC's of Biology: $9.99

Astro Camp Sampler Box:

The INFINITY Science Center Astro Camp Sampler Box provides hands-on activities just like those experienced by summer Astro Campers. The sample box contains supplies, instructions, background information and access to INFINITY Science Center Educational video support for three hands on activities. This first box in the series of three planned for 2020-2021 is the ENGINEERING sampler box.

Astro Camp STEM Sampler Box: $22.99