Science Exploration Classes


Get the most out of your field trip experience with a Science Exploration Class designed just for students! Classes are available by grade level and provide a hands-on, interactive experience for students to put science to the test. Science Exploration Classes vary from 45 minutes to two hours and cost an additional $3-6/person (includes students, teachers, and adult chaperones). 

Alligator 101

Grades K-3

Alligators are impressive reptiles that have some pretty awesome adaptations. In this interactive presentation students learn about the physical characteristics that help alligators survive in the wild.

This 30 minute presentation is suited for kindergarten – third grade. Maximum number: 80 students, 10 adults.

Think, Plan, Build: Engineering 101

Grades 4-5

Engineering is the ability to apply scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems. In this 45 minute part presentation and part hands on experience students will be introduced to the Engineering Design Process and have the opportunity to put it to use to help INFINITY’s favorite turtle, Finney to safely make it across the road.

Maximum number: 60 students, 10 adults. 

Living and Working in Space

Grades K-12

Have your students ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in space? They will learn what it takes to live and work in space through this 30 minute  interactive demonstration presentation with our INFINITY presenter.

This presentation covers everything from eating and sleeping to the special equipment that astronauts need to work in space. Class content is based on age group.

Presentations are offered for booking at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 Monday - Friday in our Xspherience Theater at a cost of $3 per student. Minimum number for booking 15 students. Maximum number for booking 85 students.

On a Microscopic Scale: The Micro World

Grades 6-12

The Micro World Investigative Lab is a hands-on science education lab where students are
encouraged to discover nature on a microscopic scale. Students will explore biodiversity and
learn classification techniques. This lab brings the unseen world of microbiology to life while
emphasizing the importance of microbiology to scientific discovery.

This class is limited to 30 participants. 1-hour lab. ($3) This class is available at 9:30, 10:45, & 1:00.

Colorful Chemistry

Grades 7-12

Explore chemistry concepts using the chemical properties for a fun and colorful lab. Students
will learn how pH can make dramatic changes in chemistry and how that applies to living
things and their environment. Activities will include learning about the pH scale, its
importance, and simple math to help ensure accuracy.

This class is limited to 30 participants – 1-hour lab. ($3). This class is available at 9:30, 10:45 & 1:00.


(formerly Manipulating Metrics)

Grades 9-12

Why did Archimedes shout Eureka!? This lab will explore density and fluid displacement (Archimedes Principle) using the story of Archimedes, King Hiero, the King’s goldsmith, and a gold crown. Students will discover the importance of calculating density and gain understanding about metric measurements and calculations in this fun hands-on investigative lab!

This class is limited to 30 participants – 1-hour lab. ($3). This class is available at 9:30, 10:45 & 1:00.


ROV: Underwater Robotics

Grades 6-12 

Underwater ROV Exploration

Explore underwater environment with an ROV you design, build, and then modify in order to complete challenges. This lab that will challenge students to use the engineering process to modify and control an ROV to meet requirements of several tasks/missions. Students will work in teams in order to learn teamwork and project collaboration. This class will deepen understanding of the advanced uses of ROV’s in underwater exploration, scientific investigation, and salvage of environments that are not suitable for humans. This class gives an overview of the skills that are critical for NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), scientists, oceanographers, and the U.S. Navy.

This class is limited to 50 participants - 1 hour lab. ($3). This class is available at 9:45am, 10:45am, and 11:45am. Due to the nature of this class, 1 actively participating chaperone per 10 students is required.

Heart Dissection and Circulatory System

Grades 6-12

This lab provides an excellent overview of the circulatory system with an emphasis on the heart, the specialized pump of the sytem.  Students will participate in a sheep heart dissection, and learn about common diseases and defects of the circulatory system.  This class is limited to 30 participants.  ($3) 

Heart Dissection and Circulatory System Lab is available at 9:30, 10:45 and 1:00.


Labs on Demand

Grades 7-12 (advanced labs)

Grass Frog: This one-hour dissection lab will focus on the basic anatomy of a frog - introduction to vertebrate anatomy. Students will work in groups of two. Emphasis will be on anatomy and physiology, levels of organizations, systems, taxonomy and adaptations. Students will also engage in a histology discussion and microscopic viewing of those tissues. This class is limited to 30 participants and is available at 9:30, 10:45, and 1:00.  ($3)