Homeschool Virtual Offerings

Homeschool Virtual Options

Virtual Science Exploration Classes, presented through Zoom

1 hour sessions that are geared toward grades 3-8

Price: $50
Let INFINITY Science Center’s education department virtually bring these
engaging programs to you. If you don’t see an offering you would like, please
contact us and we can come up with a program for you.

Tanee Janusz for Watersheds, Wetland Detective, Animal Habitats &
Adaptations, Animal Mythbusters at
Steven Cruthirds for Space Explorers at

Program Choices:
Rocks: From the Earth to the Moon - Learn the differences between Rocks and
Minerals. Explore how rocks are formed, and how they change through the
Rock Cycle. Compare Earth Rocks to Moon Rocks and discover what they can
tell us about the history of the Earth and the Solar System.

Fossils: Discover how fossils form and what the main types of fossils are. Check
out examples of trace, cast, mold, and true-form fossils. Find out what shark
teeth, ancient sea creatures, fossilized scat, and dinosaur bone fragments look

Weather: Explore how weather works from bright sunny days to the worst of
storms. Learn how water, air pressure, and geography affect our weather.

Space: Explore constellations, the solar system, and the relationship between the
earth, sun and moon using a combination of hands on modeling and virtual

Space Explorers: Learn about what it takes to live in space on the International
Space Station. We’ll also explore what it is like to be an astronaut in the Artemis

Watersheds: Learn what a watershed is. Explore natural and man-made
processes that influence the shape and productivity of watersheds through

Wetland Detective: Learn the importance of the wetlands and all that they
provide for us. You will also discover how to take action to save the wetlands
and teach others about their importance. A couple of animal ambassadors
make an appearance.

Animal Habitats & Adaptations: We will discuss animal habitats and the various
adaptations that animals possess that help them to survive. Where an animal
lives decides how they are specifically adapted to their habitat or environment.
Students will meet a few animal ambassadors that come from different areas of
the world.

Animal Mythbusters: Can Porcupines shoot their quills? Do cockroaches serve
any purpose? Learn the truth about some well-known animal myths. After this,
you’ll be seeing wildlife in a whole new way! Some animal ambassadors join us
in this program.