The Infinity Science Center and Slooh are partnering to offer virtual astronomy to the community! Slooh was founded in 2003 as a way to use the new technology of the internet to bring telescope views into homes around the world. With complementary observatories on the Canary Islands and in Santiago, Chile Slooh offers views of both hemispheres. This allows viewers to discover the cosmos in a brand new way! Slooh members can easily plan missions to celestial objects, capture images from those missions, and share their images with other Slooh members or on social media. Additionally, Slooh members have access to gamified astronomy Quests that make learning about space incredibly engaging and fun. Slooh also offers many shows including Star Party Live! events where you can participate in live discussions centered around seasonal celestial happenings. These events also often have their own Quests that offer a way to further engage our members. Slooh is great for beginning and expert astronomers, offering different levels of telescope control based on your level of expertise. Student level memberships are great for those just starting out, while our Apprentice and Astronomer levels allow for you to plan missions using coordinates and different light filters to capture different aspects of the objects visible from the telescopes.

Slooh also offers astronomy and science curriculum specifically for students in the 4th-12th grades and university level. These students can benefit from the hands-on, experiential nature of Slooh - allowing them to engage with their education by capturing images and completing Quests. By joining Slooh through the special link you are supporting the Infinity Science Center and you can interact with other club members through the private, online “clubhouse” just for your community! I look forward to seeing you on Slooh!

Russ Glenn

Director of Education


Club Code: 316C4-86960

Annual Plans

Students: $50

Apprentise: $100

Astronomer: $300

50% of your membership fee helps fund Infinity programming!

Mystery Science - Year Free Curriculum K-5

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