March of the Birds

Celebrate nature's beauty and learn about all things birds, birding, and bird watching with a month-long emphasis focusing on coastal indigenous and migratory songbirds using citizen science. For a whole month, INFINITY will concentrate on birds -- every kind.  Join us on Saturday’s and embark on a guided birdwatching tour with our Master Naturalist. Explore our boardwalks in our natural resources area on a self-guided scavenger hunt and see what species you can find.  Visit our Exsphereience theater to learn more about bird life and take advantage of the discounted 3D movie Earthflight!

Mark your calendar for Bird Fest on March 14 , 2020 from 10:00-2:00. INFINITY Science Center will be celebrating our winged friends with hands on exploration of what makes a bird a bird. You'll also visit with our special guest, a bird enthusiast from the Gulf Coast area, and get up close and personal with an educational live bird presentation. As something special INFINITY Science Center, Members get a private meet and greet with our feathered guest.