Summer Camps

Astro Camp® sessions are aligned with NASA's current priorities: Aeronautics, Technology, Solar Systems & Beyond, Earth Right Now, International Space Station, and Journey to Mars. Our vision is to inspire the next generation of scientists, researchers, and engineers to pursue careers in STEM fields. By tapping into the curious minds of our youngsters, we are planting the seeds necessary to attract and retain students in STEM education. Astro Camp® is an important “stepping stone” in developing our future workforce!

Artemis Camp explores the scientific aspects of what it will take for Earthlings to return to the moon and on to Mars. Not only will we need to know about space travel we will need geologists, roboticists, chemists, computer technologists, and more. Through daily hands-on exploration, campers will learn and experience the science fields awaiting future space explorers.

STEM Camp delves into different areas of science throughout this camp, designed to inspire and challenge you. This camp offers a wonderful array of biology/ecology, chemistry, engineering, space, and physics activities!