Science Lesson Plans


  • Catching Pollution (part 1): Students “catch” pollution (particulate matter) on prepared cards to see the environmental and health-related consequences of our transportation habits. Materials: white index cards or white paper, construction paper, Vaseline or a clear oil like veggie or olive oil, tape, glue, or staples, and provided worksheets.
  • Wanted Alive: Students research an endangered species and then create an informational report and a poster to inform others about the importance of protecting their animal. Materials: internet access, art supplies, and an optional, provided ‘wanted poster’ template.
  • Waste-A-Weigh: By weighing or measuring and recording their lunch waste every day for a week, students learn how conservation efforts can reduce the total amount of trash generated. If students do not have a scale at home, they can use a measuring cup to approximate the volume of the waste. Materials: a digital scale to weigh waste or a large measuring cup to measure waste volume.