Teacher Resources

Field Trip Resources

The activities below have been created to enrich your class visit to INFINITY Science Center.  *Please plan to bring copies with you for your visit to INFINITY.

Boardwalk Nature Journals

Your students can have an Environmental Scientist experience as they take a walk along our 15,000 square foot biome boardwalk. By making observations and recording in their Biome Boardwalk Journal, they too can be a citizen scientist.

Upper Grade Biome Boardwalk Nature Journal

Lower Grade Biome Boardwalk Nature Journal  

(Instructions: Download the PDF file. For best results, print the first two pages double sided and the last two pages double sided before assembling. Pages are numbered for your convenience.)

INFINITY Scavenger Hunts

Have your students search up, down and all around, carefully reading INFINITY exhibit details to complete INFINITY’s Scavenger Hunt(s).

Your students will have to pay close attention and use their science/space sleuthing skills to discover the answers.  Are your students up for the challenge? INFINITY Scavenger Hunts are geared toward upper elementary and middle school aged students.

Scavenger Hunt (1)

Scavenger Hunt (2)

Exhibit Lesson Plans

Grades 4-5

Environmental Monitoring: Air Quality

Pre Visit: "Air Quality"

"Air Quality Index Data"

"Just Breathe"

Post Visit: "3-2-1: What I Learned"

"Clean Air and Loving Every Minute of It!"

Environmental Monitoring: Oceans

Pre Visit: "How Do Scientists Collect Data?"

"What is a Buoy?"

Post Visit: "Oh Buoy!"

"Webquest for Environmental Monitoring" 

Hurricane Prediction Lab

Pre Visit: "Recipe for a Disaster: How to Create a Hurricane"

"Hurricane Data Collection"

Post Visit: "Take a Spin with a Hurricane!"

Grades 6-8

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Lab: National Data Buoy Center

National Data Buoy Center Data Sheet

Post Visit: R-A-F-T Activity

R-A-F-T Student Sheet

Serial Dilution Lesson

Serial Dilution Student Sheet

Serial Dilution Lab Answer Key

Hurricane Prediction Lab

Lesson: Swirling Vortices

Anticipated Responses to Swirling Vortices

Answer Key: Swirling Vortices

Stucture of a Hurricane Student Sheet


Lesson: Wind Speed vs. Barometric Pressure

Data Chart for Wind Speed vs. Barometric Pressure

NHC website part 1

NHC website part 2

NHC website part 3

NHC website part 4

Sample Data Sheet for Wind Speed vs. Barometric Pressure

Post Visit Lesson: Convection

Post Visit Lesson: Convection (Lab Sheet)

3-D Movie Educator Guides

Journey to Space

Oceans: Our Blue Planet