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Request a Trip Today!

Discover a love for learning with walk-through museum galleries and outdoor excursions
With 72,000 square feet of facility to explore, and over 50 years of NASA history on display, INFINITY is the perfect stop for STEM education! We suggest you plan for 2 1/2 hours in the museum, plus additional time if you decide to watch a movie and shop in the Odyssey Gift Shop. Groups of 20+ receive a discounted admission rate of $9 per person. Parking and drivers' admissions are free! You may add on 3D Theater tickets and Science Exploration classes at an additional $3 per person.

Use the button below to request your field trip to INFINITY today! Please note that is is only a request. Our Reservation Specialist is available Thursday - Sunday and will contact you once your request is reviewed.

For inquiries and status on your request, please contact us at: [email protected] | 228-533-9025 Ext 307
3D Theatre Hall with kids sitting

3D Immersive Theater

Add tickets for $3 per person!
Movie List!

- Astronauts: Oceans to Orbit

- Oceans: Our Blue Planet

- Secrets of the Universe

- Tiny Giants

Teacher Resources

Looking for a fun, engaging activity for your students to do during your trip to INFINITY? Need a downloadable map of museum? View our Teacher Resources to help plan your trip to INFINITY!
Add on a Science Exploration Class!

Add on a Science Exploration Class!

Available for $3 per person

Living and Working In Space Grades K-12 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in space? Let’s explore what it takes to live and work in space through our 30-minute interactive demonstration presentation. This presentation covers everything from eating and sleeping to the special equipment that astronauts need to work in space!

How to Dress an Astronaut Grade K-2

Have you ever wondered how an astronaut gets dressed? What do they put on first? What does each part of the suit do? During this 30-minute presentation you’ll learn what each part of the suit does and why it’s important. Follow along as our presenter shows off his own suit. Will it work as well as the real thing? Join us to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about spacesuits.

How to Dress an Alligator Grades K-2

This fun and interactive 30-minute demonstration presentation focuses on all the amazing adaptations of the American Alligator!

Engineering 101 Grades 3-5

This Exploration Class covers the Engineering Design Process and has students solving a structural engineering problem while experiencing real world challenges to complete their project. During the 45 minute class students will work in teams, learn that engineering is all around them and that they are closer to being an engineer than they think. There is a 10 minutes of mini lesson at the beginning of the class. Thirty minutes of hands on activity time and 5 minutes debrief of student experiences at the end of the session. All participants leave with a certificate and teachers leave with an extension activity to continue the engineering experience in the classroom.

Explore the Solar System Grades 3-5

During this 30-minute presentation styled class we will learn fun and interesting facts about our unique solar system!

Underwater ROV Robotics Grades 6-8

This Exploration Class will have your students exploring the world of robotics. Through a 15 minute presentation, our facilitator will guide your students through how robots impact the world around us, the careers that use robots, and introduce them to simple coding. Students will then have 30 minutes of hands on ROV robotic exploration

Microscopic Level Grades 6-12

This is a hands-on science education lab where students are encouraged to discover nature on a microscopic scale. Students will explore biodiversity and learn classification techniques. This lab brings the unseen world of microbiology to life while emphasizing the importance of microbiology to scientific discovery.