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INFINITY’s new 3D Theater boasts a state-of-the-art laser 3D projection system and surround sound audio to take the movie experience to the next level. Enjoy award-winning content from the world’s top providers, including Giant Screen Films, BBC Earth, K2 Communications, National Geographic, Cosmic Pictures, and more.


Tiny Giants

10:40, 12:00, 1:20, 2:40, 4:00

In an adventure of giant proportions, Tiny Giants 3D reveals the astonishing lives of the smallest of animals. A chipmunk in a wild wood and a grasshopper mouse in Arizona’s scorched deserts are both forced to grow up fast when they find themselves alone for the first time. Only by using their ingenious superpowers can our heroes not only stay alive, but also become masters of their universe. 

Journey to Space

10:00, 11:20, 12:40, 2:00, 3:20

In the past half century, humans have punched through the stratosphere, walked on the moon, and lived continuously in orbit. In the coming decades, our unquenchable curiosity will take our species beyond the cradle of Earth to touch the face of another world. Strap in for the next giant leap. Next stop … Mars!