Exclusive Set of 6 Mission Patches Autographed by Fred Haise



Exclusive Mission Patch Cards Autographed by Fred Haise


  • Apollo 8 Mission Patch
  • Apollo 11 Mission Patch
  • Apollo 13 Mission Patch
  • Apollo 16 Mission Patch
  • Apollo 19 Mission Patch
  • Approach and Landing Test Mission Patch


Fred Haise, renowned as the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 13, invites you to own a piece of space history with our limited edition Mission Patch Cards. Launched from Kennedy Space Center on April 11, 1970, Apollo 13 faced challenges, preventing a lunar landing, yet showcasing the resilience of human ingenuity.

Haise’s legacy extends beyond Apollo 13, as he served as a backup crew member for Apollo 8, 11, and Apollo 16 missions. Originally slated to command Apollo 19, mission cancellations altered his trajectory, leading him to the Space Shuttle program. Haise commanded three of the five Approach and Landing Tests of the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

Each meticulously crafted card unfolds to reveal a detailed patch on the inside spread, created by A-B Emblem, the primary supplier of Apollo patches for NASA. Personally autographed by Fred Haise, each card bears his mission designation below his signature.

Seize the opportunity to own an individual patch card for $75 or the complete set for $350. Act fast, as these limited-edition cards are available only while supplies last. Embrace the spirit of exploration and secure your piece of space history with Fred Haise’s autographed Mission Patch Cards!

Please note that delivery may take 3-4 weeks.